“Unfortunately kick rugby won,” Prince Kaybee takes his Loss after Springboks’ win


Prince Kaybee dragged for supporting All Blacks

Prince Kaybee takes his loss after Springboks defeat New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup Final on Saturday night.

The musician threw himself under the bus after publicly declaring his support for the All Blacks.

“As an All Blacks supporter this is the first time we coming in as the underdog, this time from the haka to the final whistle it will be chaos and I love it,” he wrote.

However, the game didn’t result in his favour as the team he supported lost to Springboks.

Taking to Twitter, he congratulated the winning team.

“An amazing game indeed. You boys played your hearts out but unfortunately kick rugby won. Congratulations to the Springboks,” the DJ wrote.

Social media users poked fun at Prince Kaybee.

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