Aunts and uncles play a unique and significant role in a child’s life. They are like an extra layer of love.

No there cannot be a guideline to who makes a good aunt or uncle but when we go based on zodiac signs, there are some who can be associated with qualities that make them exceptional aunts and uncles.

Are you a cool aunt or uncle? Scroll down to know if you are in this list or not.

1. Cancer: The nurturer

Cancers are known for their nurturing and empathetic nature. As aunts and uncles, they are great at creating a warm and loving environment for their nieces and nephews. Their intuitive understanding of emotions allows them to connect deeply with the younger generation, providing a safe space for them to express themselves. Cancers are often the go-to figures for emotional support, offering a comforting shoulder and wise advice when needed.

2. Leo: The playful protector

Leos bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm to their role as aunts and uncles. Their playful and generous nature makes them the perfect companions for fun and adventure. Leos take pride in being protectors, ensuring their nieces and nephews feel confident and supported. They enjoy being involved in the child’s achievements, cheering them on at every step. Their warm-hearted approach creates lasting memories and a sense of security for the younger ones.

3. Virgo: The reliable mentor

Virgos, known for their practicality and attention to detail, make excellent aunts and uncles who offer reliable guidance. They take a genuine interest in their nieces’ and nephews’ education and personal development, providing valuable insights and encouragement. Virgos are the ones who help with homework, offer constructive advice, and instill a strong sense of responsibility. Their reliability makes them dependable figures in a child’s life.

4. Sagittarius: The adventurous teacher

Saggis bring a sense of adventure and curiosity to their role as aunts and uncles. They are the ones who introduce their nieces and nephews to new experiences and broaden their horizons. They encourage a love for learning and exploration, fostering a sense of independence. Their optimistic and open-minded approach allows children to embrace diversity and develop a thirst for knowledge.