A side hustle is an excellent way to earn some extra money.

It could be for a cause, for an emergency fund or just because you want some extras to keep you entertained.

With the trend of side hustles growing, it is always wise to have a few options and ideas under your wing to go to if you ever feel like you could use some extra income! And today, owing to the trend, the options are uncountable.

There are hustles for you if you are camera shy, if you are an extrovert, or if you want to do something in the comfort of your home, the opportunities are really endless.

And, here we list a few side hustles you can look forward to if you are an extrovert and love to interact with people.

1. AirBnB host

If you love to socialise with new people and learn about their experiences, being an AirBnB host can be very fruitful for you. Being the host allows you to meet new people, sit down with them and chat, and if it is in your own home or a property you rent, you can also share kitchen experiences and recipes. By hosting guests from around the world, you create a welcoming environment and become equipped to deal with different kinds of people. Extroverts thrive on social interaction, and this will give you the perfect opportunity to extend your social circle.

2. Travel guide

If you love to interact with people and visit new places and cultures, becoming a travel guide can be perfect for you. But, if it is a side hustle, try to keep the travel guiding to maybe the nearest fort or the close-by hill station. As a travel guide, when you share local insights, historical knowledge and information about hidden gems with tourists, it will be a great learning experience for both you and the other person and can help you warm some quick rupees. Plus, as an extrovert, we are sure you excel in communication and forming connections, and this is just what people need when they hire a travel guide.

3. An online fitness coach

If you are an extrovert, are not camera shy and are passionate about fitness, here is a perfect side hustle for you. An online fitness trainer! By being a fitness coach, you will not just motivate people to work towards their fitness goals but also earn some quick money. Be it from Youtube videos, Instagram reels or even by offering personalized training sessions, this side hustle can inspire you to stay fit and workout with your normal job schedule as well. For the initial phase, all you have to do is take some time out, record yourself working out and in regular intervals upload it to your social media handles.

4. ​Event planning

Although event planning is an elaborate business, we do recommend it for people who have great organizational skills. If you are someone with a knack for organization, interaction and seeing others happy, you can plan the perfect event for them and put a smile on their faces all the while making money. Your ability to connect with different people, handle multiple tasks and maintain your energy in high-pressure situations can make you the perfect event planner who people will always come back to. For event planning as a side hustle, we do recommend that you do not start planning weddings and social gatherings altogether, but rather take it slow with maybe small scale kitty parties and birthday events.

5. Start a food truck

Another side hustle that gives you time independence is a food truck. Running a food truck can be an exciting business for extroverts who are passionate about food and socializing. Serving delicious food at local events, festivals or popular spots will help you to directly engage with a diverse set of people, in the form of customers and create a warm ambiance near your truck. A food truck will also gather the attention of many people. You could be serving businessmen in the morning, college kids in the afternoon and people coming from clubs late at night.