The thought of getting waxed, the sound of the hair being ripped can be quite scary.

If you fear the waxing sessions and totally hate the pain, then we’ve got a few hacks that will help you in reducing the dreaded pain.

Here are five tips you must follow to get a smooth wax with less torture:

1. Choose the right professional

Chances are that your wax lady is making the hair-removing session a nightmare! And, that’s why you should go to a good salon or a hire a professional with good reviews online. The right specialist will always know the right techniques of waxing.

2. Avoid in-between shaving

If you hate waxing and still get it done regularly, then you must skip the shaving sessions in between. If you have shaved your body hair and think of getting waxed after the next hair growth, then you need to be prepared for the extra pain. As the hair is thicker and longer, it will take more effort and even cause pain to pull out the pokey hair.

3. ​Scrub yourself

One thing you can do before the waxing session is to scrub yourself beforehand. This will help to get rid of the dead skin around the hair follicles. Exfoliating will help prevent bumps and ingrown hair, which will in the end give you a smoother waxing session.

4. Try a new wax

Now, there are a lot of waxes available which are comparatively less painful than the old-school wax. Try milk liposoluble wax, chocolate wax or the new hard bean wax. These waxes are creamier and even help in removing fine hair smoothly.

5. Keep your wax session post period

Do you know that your pain threshold is better just a few days after your period? Getting waxed just before your period to getting waxed after your chums can make a lot of difference.