Did you know that the invention of Tarts is not as new as it sounds?

The art of “keeping things on top of each other” has been a part of the food history for a long-long time and that is precisely what the art of making tart is.

This delicious, baked delicacy is one of the most loved quick appetizers and desserts all around the world.

Many people confuse it with a pie because of how both of them are prepared but a tart is open surfaced whereas a pie should necessarily be closed surfaced.

The exoticism of tarts do not end at the basic difference between them and the pies.

Tarts were once a cuisine of the elite and the royal cooks liked to prepare them more for their looks than their taste.

With time, the recipes and the privilege to cook them were passed on to the common man.

With that, we have 8 exotic tart dishes for you that are so simple to make that you’d want to jump off your seat right this moment to start preparing them.

1. Custard tart

In the mood for something light yet creamy? There is nothing better than a delicious CUSTARD TART that will not only cater to your sweet tooth but will also help you keep your health regimen on point. Another plus point with this tart is that it is eggless. Just some custard powder and milk does all the magic.

2. Pineapple tart

As exotic as it gets, PINEAPPLE TART rules the hearts of many. The tangy sweetness of the pineapple tastes so much better when combined with the crusty goodness of the tart crust. Prepare this delicious tart the next time you have guests over.

3. Mango tart

The mango season is at its brink and we cannot wait. Switch from making the traditional mango dishes this summer to preparing this beautiful MANGO TART and we promise you will cherish this thing of beauty forever.

4. Pear tart

A PEAR TART is a delicacy that combines two exotic ingredients to form one beautiful recipe. If you are craving for a dessert that can lift up your whole mood within seconds, one a Pear tart can do that.

5. Creamy orange tart

We have loved orange jams and orange cakes all our lives. Now is the time to make a bit of change in our taste and move forward to this delicacy that is CREAMY ORANGE TART. The tangy sweetness of the orange when combined with the smoothness of the cream, so many flavours burst out at once.

6. Mexican tart

Who said that a tart is meant to be sweet? With the love for Mexican food increasing day by day, this tart is meant to be a total hit if you plan to serve it to your guests. MEXICAN TART is a vegetarian appetizer prepared with french beans, potatoes, onions, etc and is topped with a lot of cheese making it as delectable as possible.

7. Peach-blueberry tart

This PEACH-BLUEBERRY TART is as delicious as it sounds and the best part is that it is super easy to make. Both the fruits, blueberries and peaches combine very well and give out a flavour to the tart that you can savour for the whole day.

8. Strawberry tart

A CLASSIC STRAWBERRY TART never gets old and out of fashion. With its variations all over the world, it is very easy to prepare and takes minimal effort. So, for your next brunch, you are sorted for desserts.