People should start normalizing the fact that at times we don’t require or can’t accept gifts or invitations which are our personal choice and right.

Whether you have limited space at your home or simply do not require any more stuff, it is okay to say no to gifts
and invitations.

With the festive season and New Year approaching, we all get multiple invites and gifts but remember that this is an invitation, not an order to be there.

Of course, the person wants you to be there or has provided you with an adorable souvenir as a gift, but always remember there’s a kind way to decline the invitation or gift.

However, the key is to let the person know whether you will accept the invitation or gift and reasonably do the process. We have a simple guide for you to do so.

1. ​​Be thankful and honest​

Always be thankful for the opportunity to get asked and let them know that you are honored that they think highly enough of you to send the invitation. In the process, always be honest with the reason and do not come up with false excuses for why you’re not able to appear at the event. At the same time, do not go into details or let them know that you have other plans. Minimal grateful sessions with honesty are enough.

2. ​Never ignore the invitation

Do not ignore the invitation or put it aside to deal with it later. The host needs to know whether or not you’ll be there. Ignoring the
invitation shows that you do not have proper manners and therefore you might be left off the guest list for the next party. As soon as you know you’ll be unable to go, let the person know as most events require planning and budgeting, and headcounts always matter.

3. Always ask for a different time​

If the invitation is exclusive to you then ask the person for another time availability and show your interest. It is not an option for getting together but if it’s just two-three people meeting up, then ask them for another time, make the plan, and stick to it. This always shows that you are interested in a meet-up, however, due to your genuine busy schedule or reason you declined this time. But keep this question a must during your conversation.

4. ​Don’t over-explain​

If you cannot accept the gift or invite, then simply just decline and give a mere reason which is short and to the point. Doing otherwise and exaggerating reasons makes it sound like you’re just trying to come up with certain excuses. In the case of declining a gift also do the same. Appreciate and be thankful for the offer but politely explain the reason but never exaggerate the details.

5. ​Send something​

If also you’re unable to accept the gift or invitation, be gracious to whatever event you were invited to, or whatever you were to receive. Mention something about wishing you could be there and always add that you look forward to seeing them soon. In the case of a gift, send them a thank-you card and appreciate their effort, but keep in mind that it should be short and should look like it’s coming from a good heart.