High sexual drive is not uncommon and sometimes people are embarrassed to admit this to themselves too.

But one does not have to be ashamed and infact try to undertand the science behind to feel a little calm about it.

While generally couples start putting the pressure on their partnet to satify their increased needs, they must actually discuss the situation and reason behind.

But for that you need to understand your body first!

1. Changing hormones

The sex hormones in our body i.e estrogen, testosterone and progesterone may vary at different time periods in our life. Our body experiences tiny changes in our hormones even in a day that may rise up and down. For example, in women, the estrogen levels fluctuate during ovulation causing a very high sex drive. High testosterone levels in men mean higher libido.

2. Going through puberty or ageing

Children going through puberty experience a higher sex drive. As all hormones are going through an immense change, the estrogen and testosterone levels increase. Surprisingly, middle-aged women from late 20s to early 40s also have a very high libido and they are more prone to thinking about sexual activities and fantasies.

3. Exercising frequently

An increase in physical activity can lead you to experience a higher sex drive than usual. Sudden weight loss can also initiate an increase in more frequent sexual activity. This is because we tend to feel connected to our body more when we are active and treating it right. Exercising always puts you in a fresh mood and makes you want to feel desired and pleasured.

4. Healthy, stress-free relationship

Being in a healthy relationship indicates a proper emotional and physical connection between partners. If you share a good rapport with your partner and there are fewer arguments on board, then chances are more that you both have an extremely fun and fulfilling sex life. Deep emotions of love enhance sexual feelings, leading to great sex.

5. Changing medications

If you are on medication on a regular basis and have stopped intaking or decreased the dose, then you might experience fluctuating libido levels. As reported, antidepressants can impact our sex drive quite negatively and also trigger sexual dysfunctional issues within both men and women.