Skitmaker dies while making skit (Video)


Skitmaker Churchill has died

Skitmaker named Churchill dies while making a skit.

In a viral video, the deceased dropped his phone on the ground before proceeding to jump and touch the basketball net.

Sadly, the skit maker who is a Nigerian,  a student of Nasarawa State University fell and hit his head on the floor.

Churchill was reportedly rushed to the hospital but he didn’t survive it as he died on the second day of his hospitalization.

Social media users expressed empathy, and a few others exuded various reactions.

“The angle and force he used in hitting his head on the pavement was a very dangerous one,” a tweep wrote.

“Sometimes, the level those skitmakers go to create meaningless contents are extremely dangerouş. Imagine shooting this kind of content and passing away then straight to hèll fíre. What kind of content was he trying to create with jumping and holding the basketball ring?? May his soul rest in well if possible,” another wrote.

“Jesus! smashing your head like that on a concrete would definitely leave a huge effect ! Sad!!”

Watch video below: