“Stop making music for consumers,” Prince Kaybee advises producers


Prince Kaybee’s advises to music producers

Prince Kaybee, real name Kabelo Motsamai kicks off the new year by dropping words of advice for music artists.

Following his advice on how to avoid debt as an artist, the DJ shared tips on how to make music.

“Stop making music for consumers, they don’t know what they want. There’s 7.8 Billion people in the world, you aren’t capable of guessing what they like or what they don’t like. When you are in studio forget what Thabo or Jane thinks, focus on the space you in as a creative,” he wrote in his tweet to producers.

Kaybee’s advise sparked a controversy, but he went all the way to defend his claim.

“Music listeners don’t know, if they knew they would’ve told Thukzin how to produce iPlan. But because they are musically illiterate creatively they don’t know what they want, let the producers give you the music, if you don’t like it cool!”

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