Sophie Ndaba revives her wedding business


Sophie Ndaba revives her wedding planning company after shutting down due to her health issues.

The actress’ health is back and she’s also working on topping the wedding planning industry with her business.

“I didn’t have the energy and I couldn’t think and be creative but now am fit both emotionally and physically,” she told Zimoja.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to start over. I have learned from my past mistakes and am now focused on providing the best service to my clients,” she said.

“Events evolve just like fashion, there are always new trends, and am busy with that.”

Sophie further talked about another business that she just started.

“I have started a new company called Sophie on Wellness where I teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Throughout my journey to recovering, I have been getting requests from people wanting to know what my secret is,” she said.

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