5 edible art installations that will blow your mind!



Edible art installations are a creative fusion of gastronomy and visual art, offering a multisensory experience that delights both the palate and the eyes.

Here, we explore five of the most stunning and creative edible art installations from around the world that stand out for their innovation and beauty:

Singapore-based chef and artist Janice Wong has been at the forefront of the edible art movement. One of her most remarkable installations is the “Underwater Labyrinth,” created for the Russia-Singapore Business Forum. This installation used 1,100 kg of isomalt sugar to craft a mesmerising seascape of edible “corals,” complemented by bonito macarons, wakame truffles, and seaweed marshmallows, creating an immersive underwater experience​​.

Tom Wolfe, a pioneer in the field of food art, created “Las Bolos de Costa Rica” as a stunning tribute to the megalithic stone spheres found in Costa Rica. By using chocolate, sponge cake, fresh mint, and gold leaf, he designed an edible landscape that not only represented the region’s topography but also engaged the senses with its detailed craftsmanship.

Another inventive installation by Janice Wong is her “Marshmallow Ceiling,” where visitors could pluck bergamot and seaweed-flavored marshmallows from a ceiling installation, making it a playful and interactive art piece​.

This installation evokes a surreal seascape. It features a beach scene crafted from sugar and pannacotta – a luxurious Italian custard. Nestled within this sugary landscape lie “eggs” – not your average breakfast kind. These “eggs” are actually pannacotta creations, mimicking the smooth texture and pale colour of real eggs. Seashells scattered around complete the illusion.

Edible artistry also extends to cakes, with gravity-defying cakes being particularly impressive. It uses hidden supports to create cakes that seem to defy the laws of physics. These cakes can be designed to look like they are pouring or even floating, adding a magical element to any celebration​.

Each of these installations and creations not only showcases the talent and creativity of their makers but also pushes the boundaries of what food can represent in art.