LaConco heads for a second liposuction


LaConco to go under hte knife again

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco is set to have a second liposuction in September.

“I’m quite close to my goals, but I’ll be honest and admit that it is also a constant work in progress. I’m still dealing with a lot of skin excess,” said LaConco.

“In addition to that, I’m exercising and eating right, so I’m constantly working on improving my physique. I’m not done yet.”

Former president Jacob Zuma’s ex-fiancé and baby-mama, LaConco talks about how she’s been able to handle being on the news.

“There is new information about me that will be revealed and it will probably create a lot of talk, but that all comes with being on a public platform.

“How I have handled fame is always ensuring that I stay true to myself and that I am intact and not shaken by whatever is out there.”

“Everything is constantly happening around you, but if you are at peace within yourself, you can then navigate around all these external factors.

“So whatever waves that will come with The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, I will always pass those waves because I am content with who I am,” she said.

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