Reality TV star Khanya Nqolase addresses the public after her display on ‘The Ultimatum South Africa’


Netflix reality star Khanya Nqolase addresses the public following her behaviour on Ultimatum South Africa

The star was dragged by a majority of viewers for swearing at her boyfriend Nkateko and her co-stars

Khanya was heard hurling insults at Nkateko about his teeth and she threw a bottle of wine at him.

The 34-year-old released a statement explaining the reason behind her behaviour.

“I understand if some of you may feel like I was out of line with some of my words and actions. It was an intense experience for me and I handled it the best way I could. Just like it was not easy for other cast members watching their partners with other people, it was not easy for me too.”

“I acknowledge I’m a strong personality and I say things that others only dare to think. TV aside, we are dealing with real people and real emotions. It’s in the past and a lot has happened since, including healing and transformation.”


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