From the shape of our eyes to the length of our hair, the intricate details about our bodies have things to say about ourselves.

This includes the shape of our body saying tons about our personality. These insights not only tell us about our emotions and personality traits but also give detailed descriptions about our diet and revolve around our health too.

Let’s see what your body shape has to say about you.

1. Apple-shaped body

If you have an apple-shaped body then you’re storing your body fat around your hips and abdomen, and you have a poor waist definition. You have tons of imbalances in your lifestyle and require a good diet with a proper exercise routine and start by taking less amount of stress. This shape is also connected to having signs of cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer, so stay attentive and fit.

2. Pear-shaped body

The opposite of apple shape, pear-shaped people have a heavy bottom with hips wider than the upper body as their fats accumulate around the upper thigh region. This is not dangerous but they can suffer from cellulite and osteoarthritis in the future, and will find it hard to lose weight, thus exercise is an everyday must for you.

3. Rectangle-shaped body

One of the most proportionate body shapes, people with rectangular-shaped bodies have a higher metabolism rate, where they do not suffer from weight gain easily, and are associated with fitness and good health. People who have this type gain weight very easily, and specifically around their midriffs. However, they always crib about getting more curvy rather than being muscular.

4. Inverted-triangle body

People who have an athletic background usually have this type of body type. They have broad shoulders with a narrow waistline and are blessed with high metabolism. Their height-to-weight ratio is well balanced which is why they appear to be muscular and fit. However, they do not care much about their health and might fall prey to heart or bone diseases.