Coach bags is known for its high quality and is a popular American luxury fashion brand from New York who are specialized in Leather handbags, accessories, and luggage bags, with ready-to-wear outfits as well.

Having a luxurious and strong brand name in the market, people at times fall prey to knockoffs that are precisely created and sold at great prices.

To keep you safe from such evil eyes, let’s take a look at some of how you can spot a Coach bag.

1. Keep an eye on the font

The fake Coach bag sign is very obvious to locate, but in some cases, the cheap knockoffs precisely try to match the logo which needs to be noticed. The ‘A’ in COACH comes with a precise pointy nature and is never rounded at the top, so keep an eye on that. Also, the ‘C’ should be suspected too, and make sure that each one of the alphabets is uniform with the first letter.

2. The zipper detailing

There has been controversy on the internet regarding the authentic use of zippers in Coach bags, if you’re dealing with the issue then you might have a fake call, as Coach bags always use YKK zippers. Always look at the tiny metal zipper pull and look at the initials where you will see ‘YKK’ engraved. If your Coach bag does not have that, it means it is a fake again.

3. The Coach lining

Coach bags never create bags that have the ‘CC’ pattern on both the interior and exterior lining. If you see the ‘CC’ pattern, you will not see the lining and it is a fake, as the exterior should never have the ‘CC’ pattern which is mandatory for original Coach bags. Many people knock off this rule which is the easiest way to see whether or not your bag is a fake.

4. Irregularities in the ‘CC’ pattern

Always look out for the irregular pattern of the ‘CC’ pattern. A seam will not cause the ‘CC’ pattern of an original coach bag because the fabric is matched up on both sides of the seam. The pattern always has two horizontal and vertical rows, but never just one. The ‘CC’ pattern therefore should be perfectly aligned as fakes usually have a pattern that is either crooked or skewed.

5. Made in China knockoff

A fake Coach with a made-in-China tag is definitely a fake. However, nowadays, some bags are manufactured in China, but the quality they carry is very high. But if your bag is carrying white tags sticking out of the liner which say ‘Made in China’, then it will be a fake as the company never allows for this tag. Originally though, the bags are made in Italy.

6. The stitching details

Look for the shoddy stitching details which might look sloppy or crooked then it’s a fake. The stitching is always straight and uniform in the original Coach bags. If the seams are also short, then it is a fake as the company never leaves frayed edges or corners of the bags unstitched which are big red flags.