Fake Dlala Thukzin accounts spotted on Spotify and Apple Music


Dlala Thukzin suffers in the hands of fraudsters

Dlala Thukzin is being impersonated with a fake account on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

South African socialite and businessman Dogg DBN called the attention of the public to the dirty works of some distribution companies.

Taking to Facebook Dogg shared screenshots of the fake accounts in Thukzin’s name.

“The fraud and theft in the music industry is just beyond me! Even the distribution companies that benefit from taking music from artists and distributing it nabo nje seems like abanendaba which makes u wonder what’s really going on,” DBN wrote.

“A company loaded ingoma ya Thukzin n even went as far as creating a profile. How does that happen? Are u telling me nje ngingakwaz ukuvele ngivule iProfile of a big name artist n load their music kanjalo nje? We’ve contacted the company that loads Thukzin’s music but still nothing. This is small. The day u guys discover the what happens to your royalties ko SAMRO niyokhala igazi! Bhakan izinto zenu bafethu umsebenzi wenu ungacebisi abantu eningabazi!” he added.

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