Grootman denies leaking the video, he joins in trolling his ex-girlfriend Gcinile


Grootman mocks Gcinile’s leaked video and denies leaking the video

Grootman, real name Themba Selahle breaks his silence after being accused of leaking the s*x tape of his former girlfriend Gcinile Twala.

The public believed that it was revenge p0rn, and people have called for his arrest.

The businessman said he didn’t leak the video but claimed that Twala was behind it in other to gain sympathy from the public.

“She actually took long to take the abuse route because everyone was expecting that from any woman after a breakup. She’s realizing the flex she wanted to pull on y’all for moving on & choosing better is not working cause she’s with a BU*M once again, as a snack Once again,” he wrote.

Grootman also slammed fans who chose to support Gcinile without hearing both sides of the story.

“Pulling every woman’s oldest trick in the book to gain sympathy & support Instead of being called out for the h**** that she is cause she knows it’s easy to say ” I believe her ” without knowing both sides of any story.. it won’t work here nana, you’ll tell that to your little airheaddd* fans .. your body count mileage got stretched for lifestyle cause you’re stupidtt**”

Themba further said he will be going legal against her.

“Legal representative for one my dude cause I didn’t even leak any of that stuff & anyone has to prove me otherwise.”

“The problem with y’all is panicking be of socials & what’s said / trending .. anyone will always have an opinion about someone, even if they don’t know the truth.. some do it for their personal reasons, some for engagements & likes, some for being point blank toxic and liking drama but it really doesn’t matter. Time will tell.”

The businessman concluded his Instagram stories rant with a photo poking fun at Gcinile’s private part.

He wrote: “Actually, let me cook her some more. Ngizwela iNonsense ya bantu moos here.”



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