LaConco opens up about her love story with Jacob Zuma


LaConco writes about her life, relationships, motherhood, and challenges experienced.

This Tuesday marks a story day for the RHOD star as she penned down details about her life on her Instagram stories.

LaConco spoke on how her private relationship with the former president Jacob Zuma came to light and how she was very much in love with him.

“Sometimes I would see him for 30 minutes, and he would be fine. This time of my life was a test of being loyal to my values and principles.”

She said it was Zuma who first noticed that she was pregnant and that was the beginning of her motherhood journey.

“My mum has been there from 3D scans, and she met Sakha first when he was born… She has played a fundamental role of support and love in my motherhood journey.”

The businesswoman spoke about her virginity; she said it was a decision she made for herself, and not because she wanted anyone to meet her as a virgin.

LaConco said she was broke at some point, hence she hustled hard in other to provide for her little child.

She also spoke about being part of the Real Housewives of Durban.

“I refused to be part of this show because I knew my state of emotions,” she admitted. “At the end, I was there, and some cast members provoked me to speak what they wanted to hear, this country was harsh on me.”

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