Bontle Modiselle writes touching tribute to her husband Priddy Ugly


Bontle Modiselle writes her husband Priddy Ugly a touching tribute.

Taking to social media on Sunday, the choreographer shared an emotional video of Priddy’s interview, where he talked about how he prioritizes his wife and daughter Afrika.

The rapper said he hasn’t given up because of his little girl.

“To Afrika’s Dad: @priddy_ugly – Thank you for being the most amazing father to our precious girl. She says it best closer to the end of this video. In all the ways you choose to show up, in the ways life challenges you to step up, I know it isn’t easy, but you are at your best at it,” she wrote.

“An inspiration to many, an example to some, a reminder to others. Thank you for choosing to stay, thank you for choosing to fight. Thank you for choosing to smile and to love wholeheartedly. We love you daddy ❤️ Happy Father’s Day!”

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