Somizi and Moshe Ndiki serve bromance goals (Video)


Somizi and Moshe’s broamnce is goals!

Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki, two of South Africa’s most beloved entertainment personalities, continue to delight fans with their heartwarming friendship.

In a recent video that has gone viral, the duo showcases their undeniable chemistry and affection for each other, serving major bromance goals.

The video captures Somizi and Moshe engaging in playful dance embodying the essence of a true bromance.

Their camaraderie is palpable, reflecting a deep bond that goes beyond mere friendship. Fans have praised their relationship, noting how refreshing it is to see such genuine connections in the often tumultuous entertainment industry.

“@moshendiki dragged me out of bed on my day off,” Somizi captioned the video.

Watch below:


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