People react to different situations in different ways.

They either keep a poker face, or express it all in words or with facial expressions or they cry at the drop of a hat, especially during arguments.

Here, we will decode people who cry easily and see what reasons cause those breakdowns.

1. Brimming emotions

Some individuals hold in a lot and when their capacity to take so much is edging, they cry and different things trigger those tears. They spill over and you must let them.

2. Empathy

You may have realised that some people who don’t cry have suddenly started shedding tears like water. This could have a very authentic reason. Are they hanging out with people who cry a lot? If yes then this is emotional empathy and nothing else. We humans tend to mirror each other after a while especially when it comes to emotions. Give it time, this phase too shall pass.

3. Associated memories

You are watching a memory which is funny or is an action movie and suddenly someone starts crying. If this scenario occurs, it is possible that something triggered a memory of that certain individual which made them cry.

4. Neurotic

This is a complete temperament factor and an emotional disorder. This means that a person could be experiencing core emotions much more intensely than others. Such individuals become hypersensitive to the smallest of situations and therefore they cry more than normal.

5. Anxiousness

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health illness. This is where you must consult a therapist, a professional.

6. Outlet for anger

There are many people out there who start crying because their anger is not getting an outlet. They don’t raise their hand even if they want to because their consciousness is still intact, therefore they express it in tears.