There are certain things men do unintentionally that make women swoon over them.

Their little traits and the things they do, make them effortlessly charming. Their actions may be subtle, but it surely leaves a mark on the woman.

This instantly leaves an everlasting impression that makes them very attractive. Here, we have listed down some of these subtle behaviours that make men very attractive.

1. The glazed look

Men look very attractive when they give a piercing glare to their women. This may be a look of love, seduction or desire. Such intense eye contact can be very charming and attractive. Scientifically, eye contact has been proved to increase the amount of love between two people.

2. Doing less

When men make fewer efforts, it attracts women even more. This may seem weird, but research has shown that people are attracted to those who give less attention or effort at first. The less men do, the more attention they gain.

3. Dressing style

A man’s dressing style is one of the main things that a woman notices. If a man dresses in formal clothes, it instantly radiates power and authority. When men dress casually, it shows a playful side to them. Such subtle dress-up of men strikes a chord with women that makes them feel excited.

4. Sense of humour

Women love it when men crack humorous jokes. It displays a sense of humour and light-heartedness that women feel very comfortable being around. Anyhow, women love those people who make them laugh!