PRO Stages Comeback Album, Again


ProKid at the Bassline’s 15th Birthday bash at Bassline,Newtown. 12 September 2009. (Photo:Eddie Mtsweni)

Veteran South African rapper is planning another comeback. The rapper scheduled the release of an album early last year but didn’t happen. He explained why in a recent interview while also blasting new generation rapper for being disrespectful to the veterans.

He tod TshisaLive, “The ones that came after HHP, I don’t think they embraced him. They didn’t treat him right or appreciate him. They are quick to forget the people who put them there. People who were once your friend don’t f*ck with you anymore.”

“F*ck them all! I learnt to just focus on my music and write more verses. I went into studio and just made proper music. I forgot the backstabbing and the nonsense and tried to find myself again,”

“So many things have come up and I have been really busy. I am still working on the album and I am hoping to release it by April next year,” he adds

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