Zodwa Wabantu Fires Back at Report That She’s Getting Stale


Zodwa Wabantu has reacted to claims that she is getting stale. The popular dancer acknowledges the fact that her fans want her try new move but insists she is a big deal.

“They just want me to fit into their moulds or be like someone they know. I want them to know that I am in charge, they cannot tell me what to do. The people still love Zodwa and they love me because I don’t do what others do. I am myself, so why must I change now?”

“I have been to America and Australia and they love me. I am the same at all my shows. People know what they get from me. I think it is the pressure I bring. If I was worried about what they say, I would go to dance lessons.”

“People invite me to join their dance classes but I know they are wanting to take something from me. I don’t want that, I am okay in my own lane,” she adds.