AKA Receives His “Touch My Blood” Gold Plaque


AKA has received his plaque for the album Touch My Blood which has shipped gold. The reciept puts an end to talks of the rapper lying about reaching the land mark.

AKA shared a signatory note alongside a photo of the plaque on Twitter. He wrote, “#TouchMyBlood ?? Thank You so much for the support … so many people said we couldn’t do it on our own. We went and found our own distributor, did our own marketing … shit, we even put up our own billboards. WE WENT GOLD IN A WEEK ? There were people who even tried to get this album pulled down, there were people who tried to use lawyers, said we would flop, said we weren’t experienced enough to do it … people who told us they made AKA. All they did was lie to themselves. YOU made AKA. Not even AKA made AKA. This is a small step on the way to Platinum ? for this CLASSIC ALBUM. (This GOLD award is purely based on HARD COPY SALES WE HAVENT COUNTED DIGITAL SALES AT ALL ????) … Thank You to NYCE Entertainment & all the @beamgroup_GANG ❤️ … Thank GOD for giving me the strength & patience to pull this off with my friends and family. Thank You to all the artists who featured and producers who lent their talents to this project. We’ll get your plaques to you as soon as we can. #TouchMyBlood ?”

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