Nathi Opens Up on His Forthcoming Album


Vocalist Nathi is staging a comeback to the music forefront with his third studio album Iphupha Labantu which is expected in stores next week Friday, July 27th.

Speaking on the album which will be released under Gallo Records, he told Times that it’s a love album.

“It’s not different from my first two albums, because I still sing about love. But people will easily pick up the maturity in how I share my life story and how the musical aspect of the album is set up. I know for sure they will enjoy it, because I enjoyed making it.”

He also admitted his sophomore project Umbulelo Wam wasn’t as good as his debut Buyelekhaya.  “Umbulelo Wam was also a brilliant album. The fact that it didn’t do as well as Buyelekhaya has nothing to do with how good the album was. It didn’t do well because of the other things that were happening at the time.”

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