Que of Distruction Boyz Dedicates AFRIMMA and all other awards to his new born child



Following the announcement of Que of Distruction Boyz  as one of the latest dad, we still can’t get enough of his joy and love for his child as he told ‘TshishaLIVE’ that it was still sinking in his head that he’s a dad.

Que used the medium to announce that the Distruction Boyz had been nominated for awards and also working on a project. He added that Distruction Boyz team is even more happy than he is for the birth of his new born child and they are dedicating any award they win to the new child.

“We are nominated for a few awards and we are also working on new projects. I want to dedicate the AFRIMMA and all the other awards to him. I want to dedicate everything to him. The world is going to know,” he said with a laugh.

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