Boity not Trying to Sound Like Cardi B


Boity has decided to set the record straight to disabuse skepticisms that have trailed her nascent music career since her debut single, Wuz DAT. In an interview with Times Live, she said she does not intend to sound like anyone when she was responding to claims made by lots of South Africans about her sounding like Cardi B.

“It’s not like I was trying to be different. I sound like myself so for me with songs moving forward is just to make sure that my tone is consistent. So that I own it. Also more than anything I’m just gonna go for it and I need to record more songs. Not necessarily to impress people but to show that I didn’t just enter this space”.

The multi-talented media personality also said that the decision to be a rapper wasn’t easy for her because of how vulnerable it would make her but the success that has attended her single has been overwhelming. “To step into a space that I knew would leave me so vulnerable and open to so much criticism wasn’t an easy decision. But I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by how much love I have received and with the topping charts – it has been so affirming for me.”

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