Nasty C to A-Reece – We can make history


One of the most talked about rivalry in South African hip hop may be seeing its end. Rap star Nasty C has reached out to A-Reece to reply his DM, as he needs him in Ivyson Tour which is still in motion. The two rappers born in 1997 have a long standing beef which A-Reece claims was brewed by his former label Ambitiouz Entertainment and he is out of that phase of his life.

Nasty C reached out to his fans to convince Reece to reply his DM

It is left to be seen how a friendship between A-Reece and Nasty C would work. Nasty C is best friends with Emtee, Emtee and A-Reece are at a dark place right now so Reece might not be cool with that, but they can make history together, the right way, as said.

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