Mona Monyane: How i coped with loss of my child


Actress Mona Monyane has revealed how she coped with the loss of her daughter in 2017. Mona Monyane revealed in social media posts that she found solace after reading Florence Masebe’s book, The Heart Knows.

She wrote on social media

“My love… today is another day in which my breath catches in my soul and I feel overwhelmed by the pain it causes in my chest. You awoke me, you helped me break out of my shell and share myself with others. You made me brave and reminded me to love myself, to be kind to myself and to remember my power.

“I knew you couldn’t stay but I hope you had anyway. But as I always know, the spirit never dies. I love you Amani-Amaza Wamazulu, forever and always.”

“I bought this book shortly after Amani-Amaza passed away and it took me such a long time to read it. I was afraid of what lay within the pages and when I finally read it last month I wept anew. The words I felt, so beautifully written in black and white. The heart indeed knows more than we ever could. Florence Masebe thank you… all I can say is thank you.”

In 2017, Mona lost her 2 weeks old daughter, Amani-Amaza.

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