Mlindo the vocalist on becoming young DJ Tira


After Mlindo the vocalist’s success on the release of his latest single – Emakhaya days ago, he expressed his thoughts on a dream that seems achievable to him.

The young artist said he wants to be the youngest DJ Tira, help other upcoming artist and get respect due him. He plans on owning a record label and he believes that there are lots of talents out there that needs to be cultured, he is willing to culture those talents.

“In three years I want to be the youngest Tira. I want to own my own record label and entertainment company. I want my name to be respected in that way. I am working hard for that goal and studying the music business as much as possible.”

“I want to put other kids on. They need to know that anyone can make it and where they live or their environment doesn’t determine who they are. There are so many talented artists and I want to make their dreams come true and show their talent to the country.”

However, we doubt not the hardworking artist and we are expecting to get results from his hardwork

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