Nasty C – Why i invited A-Reece to Ivyson Tour


Nasty C raised the bar after he invited one of his biggest rivals A-Reece to his on going Ivyson Tour. A-Reece will be performing at the Durban leg of the show.

Nasty C explained the decision which many called “end of beef” to the press. “I just thought it would be really dope to introduce him to my crowd in Durban and at the same time show people that we are both dope. To show people that – I wouldn’t even say squashed the beef because there was never any beef – just to clarify that to people. I wanted to use my biggest platform‚ and something I truly value‚ so that people can see that it’s absolutely genuine,”

He told Tshisa Live why he chose Durban as the right leg for A-Reece to be on. “I was just thinking about who I should put on. I always try to put on people that are unknown or like slept on. I know he’s known already‚ but I was just like‚ in Durban he’s not as big of a deal as he is in Jo’burg or Pretoria where he’s from‚ obviously.

The rapper said his personal maturity had been greatly influenced by books.

“I did a lot of research just about growth.”

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