Cassper Nyovest’s pool party: Trending girl ‘Naledi’ denies boyfriend


Cassper Nyovest took to social media days back to describe the end result of his pool party. He said it was a problem due to series of happening that evolved that day. It started with a guy who took to social media and shared how his girlfriend lied and left him to participate in Cassper’s pool party.

While, the story of the girl whose name is Naledi and his so called boyfriend DJ Techzi trends, the young girl finally voiced out and denied the allegation of been the DJ’s  girlfriend.

Although, she didn’t deny the fact of never meeting with him. According to her they’ve met more than twice but that doesn’t guarantee them dating. She told YFM.

“Okay, correction! He’s not my boyfriend… hooking up two or three times doesn’t mean we are dating!””I was home and my girl called and said ‘Moriski (what she’s apparently called) let’s go to a party and I was like okay, let’s do it! I had an outfit to show off and I felt like having a good time and as it turned out we were headed to Mufasa’s party.”

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