AKA’s Beam group closes business


AKA’s success this month has been recalling as his song Fela In Versace has been topping the music chart for the past 6 weeks. Despite all of his recorded success, rumors went viral about the split between AKA and Prince but this fact was denied as AKA was seen attending the funeral of Prince’s mum.

Recently, the star took to his social media to announce shutting down Beam group. According to him the news seems to be unfortunate but he’s seen it as a room to be better.

The best intention he hard for the company ain’t working for him again, so he hopes to get a better direction somewhere else.

However, not all fans were happy with the announcement as they were expecting big gigs from the company, while other fans wished him well in his next move. The star also added that he had no issues with Prince as he also wished him well and expects him to prosper as he is also a good business man.

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