South Africans protest against 7 year old girl rape suspect’s bail


South African protesters has flooded the street of the Pretoria Magistrate Court in South Africa, where a 20-year-old man appeared on allegation he raped a 7-year-old girl in a restaurant bathroom. The rape incident is the latest in recent trend of rape cases which triggered anger in South Africa. Women and children’s rights activists gathered on Tuesday outside the court also demanded more stringent penalties for rape offenders nationwide.

According to police and local news reports, the man was arrested September 22, the date of the alleged crime, in Pretoria at Dros, a restaurant popular with families. He allegedly followed the girl to the restroom, grabbed her and raped her in the men’s bathroom.

Vincentia Dlamini, director of Johannesburg-based Women and Men Against Child Abuse said, South Africa’s justice system must demonstrate “zero-tolerance” when prosecuting cases of sexual violence, especially those perpetrated against children.

The latest news on the rape case was issued out on social media via the SA Police Service.

The police seem to also need help with an expert on rape case…

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