Moneoa – I used to go on spending rampages, I used to go mad


Moneoa is finally back on spotlight after a long break. She did not just resume her duty with a vein wave but with a new gig, Ziphi’ Inkomo which is her latest album.

The young singer tagged herself a blesser to friends back in time. She had the kind of life that wasn’t so pleasant to her as friends disrespected her. So, she went on a self discovery break in other to start with a new personality.

During a conversation, these were some of the things she spilled about her past life when she just boomed into music fame.

“I was overwhelmed by the spotlight, the industry and the fame, I didn’t like who I was turning into. Wow, I used to go on spending rampages. I used to go mad. I’d lose my mind in shops, clubs and restaurants. I used to be the girl in restaurants who’d say, ‘Guys, I’m making money now, I’ll pay’. I think that’s how I ruined my relationships with some of my friends because they got used to me being their blesser. Some of them expected me to pay for everything.”“They had no regard for my home. They opened my fridge, went through my cupboards, and when everything was gone I was left to clean up the mess.

However, Moneoa is willing to be the best in her career as she aspires to win awards in Grammys and other big platforms. She has a bigger dream and she anticipates it coming true.

“I’m committed to my career so I will definitely engage whatever I need to engage in terms of work but otherwise I don’t need to go to every event, to be as stylish or to post every other day. I don’t feel the need to live up to people’s expectations of me.”

“I want my music to reach international status,” she added.

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