Skolopad hasn’t been able to get the dead man off her mind


Skolopad finally cut the silence after late Fred’s niece insist on a pay for his relative’s death. Fred was a victim in Skolopad’s accident after a head on collision.

Fred’s niece claimed that he buried his uncle because of Skolopad, if not for her, his uncle would still be alive.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Skolopad said she was saddened by the whole incident as she is short of words not knowing what to say, she added that, God is the giver of life and he takes it as he pleases.

“It’s really sad. No one can ever prepare you for how to deal with something like this. It’s not easy and it’s so sad but I don’t even know what to say because really what can I say? Life belongs to God and he does what he pleases. It was an accident and no one could have foreseen what was going to happen.”

“I’m not sure what would be the way to go or where to start… what would be insensitive and like I said, what would I say? It’s not like I woke up that day and said I want to go be in car accident.”

However, investigation is still going on the case as to know the cause of the accident and why Skolopad had police officers in her car.

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