Tim Tebow – My first day with Demi was a big day


Tim Tebow still gushes over his bae Demi-Leigh. Both of them have been walking on the lane of success as Demi was the winner of Miss Universe 2017 and Tim recently published his book, This Is The Day.

During an interview with The People on his new publication. He eulogized his girlfriend Demi and spoke on how he felt the first day he met her. He also included that they are taking the relationship slow, trying to know each-other gradually and in a proper way.

“I’m feeling great,” he said. “We’re just about five months. She’s just so special; her whole family is. I’m getting to know everything about her and her family and background.”

“I go to take my whole family to Hawaii for my dad’s 70th,” he says. “We got to do these private tours of Pearl Harbor. My dad got to see all the parts of the ship. We had a special dinner. That day stands out a lot.”

“My first day with Demi was a big day,” he continues, “because I knew she was special from the start.”

The athlete confessed he overthinks every issue which ends up in havoc but with his present relationship with the model, he’s not going to overthink it. “With relationships, I’m very heart-driven.”


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Of course I’ll carry you across the Brooklyn Bridge! @demileighnp

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