Babalwa Mneno on being a pimp – I’m sick and tired of this bull…



Babalwa Mneno took to her social media revealing her plight on some of the public tagging her as a pimp. Months back an issue on this trended on social media and she cleared the air that she ain’t a pimp.

However, some fans are yet to be sure she ain’t a pimp as a fan chatted her up on Facebook saying; ‘Hey! I’m a sexy young girl, who’s open to anything, please take me under your wing.’

In response to this young girls request, Babalwa, took to her Instagram shared the girls DM and said that; ‘What do these girls want??? U people keep selling them dreams that Barbz does this and this and that?? I’m sick and tired of this bull… what’s my business if u sexy? I’m just tired…’

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