AKA reacts to Julius Malema criticism of his songs dominating radio



AKA has scooped words on his Twitter page against Julius Malema criticism over his songs dominating radio playlist.

During a conference, the freedom fighter questions radio stations for having AKA’s song played several times, he stated that it should be an equal thing with other songs. No song should dominate the radio playlist.

In reponse to this, AKA was saddened and tweeted saying, “this is crazy.” The rapper revealed list of played songs on radio and his songs was not on the list.

The Fela In Versace hitmaker also tweeted saying; 
“Yah but what do I have to do with what this man is talking about? I just posted the list of the most played songs this year and I am not even in the top 50. So why am I SPECIFICALLY being targeted and mentioned BY NAME.”

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