Nomzamo Mbatha describes 2018 – “So labour intensive and a year of intention”



Nomzamo Mbatha broke herself into huge success last year, 2018 and she describes the year as labour intensive.

The actress said she was super intentional about being a better person last year and she’s grateful her faith helped her stay alive.

In a lengthy note, she describes 2018 in this form:

“2018… you were so LABOUR INTENSIVE. But you were also a year of INTENTION. Your Faith required so much work for it to be alive. You made my heart bigger and so much better. Thank you for teaching and showing me that life requires nothing from me but my very best and it will meet me at that very point. It got lonely. It got quiet. But it got productive and it OVERFLOWED. I am all the more better for the many hearts I encountered and equally allowed to alter mine for the better. I saw the world and the world reciprocated.”

Nomzamo shared video clips of some of her 2018 impacts. Watch it here:

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