Amanda black on past Essence Festival line up – “I was paining so hard”



Singer, Amanda Black took time to reminiscence on some events in the past that made her sad and hurt.

The star will be performing at the Essence Festival set to take place in New Orleans (USA) From the 4th to the 7th of July and this is huge for her as she remembered how she was prevented from performing at the Essence Festival held in Durban two years ago.

In a recent video shared on Instagram, Amanda said:

“So, the year before there was the Essence Festival that was in Durban and I really wanted to be on the lineup, but there were some people who didn’t want to book me and stuff. There was a lot of stuff that happened that ended up me not doing the gig. I remember how sad I was, oh my gosh, I was hurt, I was paining so hard because I really wanted to be on the lineup. But I remember telling myself that I’m going to be on the main festival line up and I completely forgot that I said that, that I declared that and it happened. Anyway, my point is that speak your life into existence, everything that has happened to me I have at some point said that it was going to happen.”

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