Watch: Zodwa Wabantu slams rumor of not getting along with mother-in-law


Zodwa Wabantu has finally dished out the evidence some of her trolls want, after shading her for not getting along with her mother-in-law.

The dancer proposed to her boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda on stage during a performance and they’ve been working out plans about their wedding, despite not giving out a date.

As seen in a video shared by Zodwa on Instagram, Ntobeko cleared every doubts of not getting along.

“I know it’s been said that I actually don’t know how to speak for myself and I’m mute or what not, but here I am going to speak because I am actually standing with my two queens; my mother and my queen. The mother and the bride,” Ntobeko said.

“Yeah, so please stop saying nasty things about us like ‘I’m Ntobeko’s mother’ or that ‘We don’t know each other’. Don’t come at me,” Zodwa said, to which Ntobeko’s mother added, “We are together.”

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