Luthando LootLove makes four promises to self


Luthando LootLove is excited to be 30 and being a mother of 2, she’s made promises to herself which she intend fulfilling.

LootLove tweeted 4 promises she expects of herself and they all boil down to the aspect of growth.

“When I turned 30 I made a deal with myself to stop learning the hard way. I promised to LEARN the lesson so the toxic cycle stops repeating itself, I made a promise to find my voice and I promised to stop slowing myself down so those around me can catch up. To GROWTH!” she tweeted.

However, many of her fans find it difficult believing she’s 30 as many see her as below 30 due to her flamy looks.

Luthando has also made effort in giving her body the best treat by retaining her young body after birthing twins.

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