Photos: Riky Rick meets his idol, Tommy Hilfiger


Riky Rick is over the moon meeting his long time idol, who is an American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

Sharing snaps of his moments with Tommy, Riky recalled his young days as a child and how his mother couldn’t afford to buy Tommy’s wears for them.

Riky’s struggle to wear what he really desired inspired him to be a success.

“In 1998 we moved to Austria with my mother. The new school my brothers and I went to didn’t require uniforms so naturally our friends introduced us to new styles and brands that included a label by this man named @tommyhilfiger.”

“We begged my mother to buy us a pair of Tommy Jeans but coming from where we come from and trying to raise 4 children in a foreign country doesn’t put you in a position to keep up with fashion labels. She did her best to keep us presentable at school but buying Tommy Hilfiger was out of the question, even though she would’ve if she could’ve.”

“Ever since then the feeling of not being able to wear what I like has never left me and its one of the reasons I work so hard. It might sound silly to some people but all I ever wanted was to be fresh. Broke or not. No compromise.”

⁣”Fast Forward 21 years. Ive had the opportunity to travel the world, make friends and express myself through clothes BUT meeting this man and telling him the story of how his brand was the reason I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MPAHLAS™️ was full circle.”⁣⁣ ⁣⁣


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