Blaklez reveals his struggle with depression


Blaklez revealed his dark days to fans when he used to struggle with depression and how he gradually escaped.

The rapper’s mother died in 2013, few months after the birth of his daughter, and afterwards, his journey into depression began.

“For the next few years I made the worst choices as I struggled with depression. God stayed with me as I fought my way out of a life-threatening mindset.”

Depression is the rapper’s past and it’s enabled him create amazing stories.

“These days I write powerful stories thanks to my past,” he added.

The track, called I Have No One, features Lez apologising for several things, including secretly wanting to commit suicide.

“I’m sorry that I have been an underdog my whole life. I’m sorry that I’m secretly trying to take my own life. I’m sorry that when I am by myself I drink the whole night. I’m sorry that I don’t believe I’ll be alright,” he rapped on the song.

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