Couple Goals: Vuyo Ngcukana surprises girlfriend, Renate Stuurman




Even with the whole lockdown and Covid-19 Pandemic, a lot of people are still making use of the time for good.

An example is the case of actress Renate Stuurman and her bae, Vuyo Ngcukana.

Renate showed her love and appreciation for Vuyo recently, after he surprised her on set with flowers.

Taking to Twitter this week, Renate posted a photo of her holding a bouquet of pink and white roses next to The Queen actor.

“Thank you so much, love,” she wrote.

Vuyo showed off more of his romantic side with words of affirmation for his beau.

“Have a kick-*ss day superstar, break a leg,” he wrote.

The couple are known for their cute moments and enviable dates.

They show their love for each other at every turn, and earlier this year were seen cosying up over dessert.

The pair were celebrating “good things” and “answered prayers,” over a candlelit dinner.

“Today my heart is bursting at the seams, with so many good things happening at once, answered prayers all around and a surprise dinner to celebrate. Thank you.”

The couple have been dating since 2018.

News of their relationship was announced on Twitter through a series of intimate pics.

“This pretty lady Renate got jokes, and I’m here for the laughs,” said Vuyo at the time.

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