Manuel: Leaders must be held to a higher ethical standard


Politicians should not just toss conflicts of interest, extreme due diligence must be applied, according to former finance minster – Trevor Manuel.

Manuel said leaders must be held to higher ethical standard.

The Act calls for extreme due diligence to be applied to politically exposed persons and their first-degree relatives.

Just declaring it is not okay, you can’t steal and say, it’s okay I’ve told you I have stolen. Society can’t be built on that kind of basis,” said Manuel.

Manuel was commenting amid allegations of corruption related to COVID-19 relief and the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Meanwhile, Tito Mboweni, Finance Minster said the trust has been broken by thieves assembling at his door.

He is considering putting an end to the emergency procurement of PPE and going back to an open process.

Watch the video above for more details from former finance minister, Trevor Manuel.

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