Mzansi react to a tweet by Zodwa’s employee: ‘Fire her’



Social media have been on fire as the issue between Zodwa Wabantu and her ex-boyfreind, Vusi Ngubane continues to spread.

The issue started off after Zodwa claimed her ex was trying to scam her by using her name to get a car so he can be given a discount.

She also went further to state she has spent a lot on Vusi and she wants all back claiming she would go legal against him if only he comes out to apologize.

This has made one of her fans to comment and she actually took it too far.

The fan deleted her tweet after #MamaKaNoneMustFall started trending in the early hours this morning, called onto Moja Love to fire her after Social Media detectives found out that she works there.

After seeing the chaos had caused, she took to social media to apologise for tweeting such thing and also for promoting gender-based violence but Social Media is not buying her apology at all, given that GBV is a serious issue in the county.


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