Alcohol ban: SAB, Heineken to halt investment


SAB and Heineken known to be beer-producing giants have said they will stop investment and expansion into South Africa.

This is as a result of the persistent ban on alcohol sales while the ban takes its toll on liquor producers.

Sometime last year, President Cyril Ramaphosa secured R200-billion in investment pledges for South Africa, among them from the alcohol industry.

Currently, producers have their feet on break and are asking if an investment will be made after the ban is lifted.

SAB has a 125 year-heritage as a local brand and said it values staff and suppliers.

But SAB has already lost 30% production in a year, and as a result, future job losses can’t be ruled out.

With the current national state of disaster expected to expire choke its neck on 15 August, South Africa is expecting another address from President Cyril Ramaphosa in coming days.

The debate on air now is if the ban on the sale of alcohol will be lifted or not.

Researchers have said there is a gradual and safe way to achieve this.

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